Following a chance encounter with clay, she soon devoted herself to figurative sculpture with passion, with the physical and emotional dedication to her craft typical of ancient artists.

In 2012 she started to develop her first works in clay, inspired by the masters: Igor Mitoraj, Kris Kuksi and Aron Demetz. What emerged was the series of heads entitled “Imperfect Immortal”, sealing in artistry the results of a profound study on mortal human nature.

A meticulous study of the details of the human face, a meditative abandonment on lines and shapes, to the point of immortalizing perfection in her moulding of the clay, but also the bitter awareness that such purity only exists in the ideal of eternal youth that is moulded and represented in the series.

“I still haven’t been able to separate myself from my heads of clay; among my thousands of insecurities, they are the only place where I find the search for perfection in its synthesis; immortal despite the passage of time. The archetype.”

Each head is a stage, a study, an examination; rather than an end in itself, each work creates an image, an idea, and becomes a muse that itself shapes new thoughts and horizons. And so, from one sculpture to the next in her series of heads, Monika creates a dance around her world; the immortal search for perfection and eternal beauty.