Visual concept

Monika’s journey of artistic growth is completed by the influences of the Celtic and Egyptian cultures, nature, myths, fables and legends.

Magnetically attracted to mysticism, she transforms the symbology of the ancient world as the key to interpreting her canvases. In a perpetual motion with the almost esoteric features of leaving and then returning to herself, Monika is as concentrated on identifying the expressive techniques that faithfully represent her inner world, as on guiding the audience to the exact interpretation that she had originally envisaged.

It is an extreme synthesis of spirituality, control, and the world of images and visions.

Free in her mind, imprisoned in her studio, she creates life in her art; background music inspires and accompanies her.

There is also a strong attachment to the urban matrix of her early youth; the architectural framework and connotations of brutalism do not degenerate her aesthetic study of beauty and harmony, nor its ancient inspiration, but are an indulgent and paternal background, and embrace the evolution of her latest works.